About Us

Universal Pranic Healers Association was started in the year 2010 by a team of good willed people to spread the awareness about Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic healing and Arhatic yoga teachings in and around Mysore. Along with this main purpose the Association also has other objectives like helping the needy or downtrodden people in the city, organize Pranic healing introductory workshops, free healing camps, meditation and super brain yoga sessions at educational institutes, Pranic healing classes and nurturing sessions for Pranic healing students. The Association is led by an Executive team consisting of experienced Pranic healers and trainers. The Association has done some remarkable work in spreading Pranic healing in the history of Pranic healing at Mysore.


Some of the unique activities of the Association like nurturing sessions has motivated many new graduates of the school to practice the teachings in its purest form and also has encouraged many to take Pranic healing as a part time or a full time profession!

The Trainers and the Committee members regularly attend Higher workshops, Retreats, Conferences and other nurturing sessions conducted by Acharyas of Pranic healing to upgrade themselves with the latest developments in the field and nurture the students with the same. This has a great impact on the confidence levels and knowledge of the students.

The meditation and super brain yoga sessions conducted by the Association at educational institutes has helped incorporate moral values among the children and has enhanced their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health so that we have better citizens for the future.

The vision of the Association is aligned to the vision of Master Choa Kok Sui in producing 1 Pranic healer per family. Join us in this noble cause of creating Heaven on Earth.


Now Universal Pranic Healers Association is continuing its service in the name of TRIDENT

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