The Human Aura

The existence of energy body was known to people since ancient times. In the Upanishads there is mentioning about subtle bodies of a human being namely, annamaya kosha, pranamaya kosha, manomaya kosha, vignanamaya kosha etc. The existence of the pranamaya kosha or the etheric body was discovered scientifically with the help of Kirlian Camera in the year 1939 by a Russian scientist Dr Simon Kirlian. In the present age we have many advanced versions of this camera which can measure the energy levels of various organs. Hence we can conclude that the body has two aspects;

  • Visible physical body
  • Invisible energy body.

The invisible energy is also knows as Aura, Bio plasmic body, Etheric double etc. The physical body and the Aura co-exist. The energy body is inside the physical body and radiates outside the physical body. These two bodies affect each other. If the physical body is sick, the corresponding aura will have imbalances. The medical doctors treat the physical body with the help of drugs or herbs. Pranic healers treat the corresponding Aura using energy. The integration of treatment of physical body and the energy body aims at curing many chronic ailments and the trend has already started in many parts of the world. The integrated approach in treatment is the future.

The Chakras and Meridians

Just like how blood circulates in the physical body, the prana or energy circulates in the energy body. The prana circulates through energy channels called as meridians or nadis. People who practice treatments like acupressure or acupuncture work on the meridians and try to clear the blockages in the meridians. These meridians intersect at many places in the body and form energy centers. Chakras are whirling energy centers seen in the aura and they control and energize various internal organs and organ systems. Malfunctioning of chakras can lead to corresponding health or psychological problems. Pranic healing school reveals about the 11 major chakras in the aura which is not revealed in many healing schools. The Pranic healer is trained in sensitizing the palms and is able to feel the imbalances in the various chakras. This technique is known as Scanninng. The 11 Major chakras have various physiological and psychological functions. By treating these chakras the person’s health, emotional and mental wellbeing can be established.

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