Pranic healing has been phenomenon for me because of its approach to life’s different dimensions. My life runs on Master’s teaching on spirituality and wisdom.
Vijay NagLibrary assistant, City central library, Mysore
With regular practice, I have experienced significant increase in my sensitivity, clarity and improvement in health. Use of psychic self defence techniques have been great help at home and office. There is a positive shift in my relationships, with my latent strength and courage coming into foreground, to face, accept, integrate and love my shadow side, with a spurt in my creativity and self expression.
Dr Asha MRFood scientist and sensory analyst, Mysore
I am able to manage my business, kid and husband with minimal or no stress. The teachings given are very practical, direct and simple. Pranic healing has given me health, wealth and happiness.
Rashmi K RProprietor of Ether Future Technologies, Mysore
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